How the Actors’ STRIKE Impacts the Voiceover Industry, Part 2

“The Revolution shall NOT be televised,” as Gil Scott-Heron famously said.

When it comes to the backstory that provoked the dual writers and actors’strike no truer word were spoken. The key details of how and why these two vital, creative industry Guilds entered into this collective strike hasn’t been widely delineated, partly because the AMPTP (Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers) are quite literally who own mass media through which that information would, should and could be broadcast.

Quite the formidable foe, wouldn’t you say? Even with a deal on the table between the AMPTP and the WGA that’s projected to be ratified within the week by the writers, the studios won’t be sharing with their audiences why they’ve avoided coming to the table to negotiate with the writers and actors all summer.
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